Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photo tour of the Ring of Fire

Mt. Redoubt chugging away, as seen from the Kenai Peninsula
Mt. Ranier looms over Seattle.
Mt. St. Helens lost about a cubic mile of material when it erupted and showered much of the northwestern U.S. with ash.
Crater Lake, in Oregon - a collapsed volcanic caldera.
Mt. Shasta, another volcano in the California portion of the Cascades

Mt. Lassen at the southern terminus of the Cascades.
Volcan Atitlan in Guatemala

Hike up Antigua's active volcano, Guatemala
Antigua and it's volcano.  Antigua is a colonial town that has been destroyed more than once by earthquakes.

Cerro Verde, near Sonsonate, El Salvador.  Growing coffee in the rich soil on the slopes of a volcano.
Caldera, Masaya Volcanic Park, Nicaragua

Omotepe Volcano from Masaya Volcanic Park, Nicaragua.  From this
vantage point, it is possible to see volcanoes of the Ring of Fire marching off in two directions.

Lake Omotepe and one of its two volcanoes, Nicaragua

Volcan Arenal erupting (about 20 times a day), Costa Rica
And again.
A pyroclastic flow down the flanks of Volcan Arenal.
Volcan Irazu, Costa Rica
Mt. Chimberazo, Ecuador
Flight over the Andes from Quito to Cuenca, Ecuador
Volcanoes on the Bolivian Altiplano.
More volcanoes on the Altiplano
Volcan Lauca, northern Chile.
Lanin volcano, south-central Chile.
Volcan Osorno, southern Chile.
Volcan Hornopiren, Chilean Patagonia.
Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia.
Multi-colored crater lakes, Kelimutu, Isand of Flores, Indonesia
Steaming jungle, smoking volcanoes and ancient temples.  Borobudur, Java, Indonesia.
"Tsunami" is a Japanese word, after all.
Japan's signature volcano, Fuji-san.

Mt. Fuji sunrise from Kitadake, Japan.


  1. What an awesome collection of photos!

  2. Doug, your photographs are breathtaking! These are very professional in quality--do you sell your photos? Wow! Thanks for sharing them all with us. Makes me want to travel NOW. :-)

  3. I caught glimpses of bikes in a few pics - yours, yeah?

    I biked the Pacific Coast from Portland to San Francisco last summer and your pics of the tsunami warning brought back some good memories from my trip. Seeing the sign that we were leaving a tsunami danger zone was met with mixed feelings - one: relief that we would be safe in the (extremely rare) case of a tsunami, and two: apprehension realizing that the only reason we were leaving a tsunami zone was because we were about to climb again.

    Your pictures, like Alison said, make me want to travel as well.

    Eric Explores Alaska