Sunday, October 17, 2010

Module II Everything is connected

Explain - What new learning have I taken from this module?
"Everything is connected" was a great synopsis of how Native ways of knowing relate to Western science.  I found the Venn diagram to be a great visual of the ways the two systems differ and where they converge.  Having read books like "The Tau of Physics" and "The Whale and The Supercomputer" (both of which I highly recommend in the context of this course), I didn't find these concepts new, but these ideas cannot be reinforced enough.  The specialized fields of modern science can learn a valuable lesson from the holistic Native view of the world.

Extend - How can I use this week's resources and/or others in the community in my lessons?
I found the "Earth as a System" video to be a great summary of how the different disciplines of Earth Science can by synthesized into a single world view that approaches the holistic Native view of the planet.  It is a great visual and, I believe, very appropriate to show to students at almost any point in almost any science class, though particularly apt in an Earth science class.  I also thought that the YouTube video was a great motivator and I will show that in my classes, this week.

Evaluate - How useful, insightful or relevant are this module's information and resources for me?
I found the trip to Google Earth to be very useful.  Though I have fooled around with it a little in the past, I find that the newer version has great potential in the context of this class and of the classroom, too.  Though our district uses the discoveryeducation website, I found that Teacher's Domain will be very useful.  The two sites are similar, but it never hurts to have more resources at your fingertips.

Three Comments
I enjoyed Alicia's Science Exploration blog, her take on the Venn diagram and views of her pre-wedding-day home.
Amy's Explore Alaska site was refreshing to see Alaska through the eyes of a first-year bush teacher and Cheryl's Explore Palmer site drew fascinating parallels between scientists' views on the behavior of electrons, Native ways of knowing the world and her driving record.

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