Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photo tour of hot spot volcanism

Controversial Keck telescopes atop Mauna Kea, Hawaii 
 Lava flows across road, Big Island, Hawaii.  Here's a volcano that impacted modern society.
 Pahoehoe lava flow in Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, HI.
 Looking in a skylight of an active lava tube.  The fuzzy stuff that looks like cobwebs hanging from the top of the skylight is actually vaporized lava that has recondensed in fine strands.  Known as Pele's (the fire goddess) hair.

Kilauea caldera floor, Volacnoes National Park, HI
 Spatter cones, Bartolome', Galapagos Islands
 Sombrero Chino, Galapagos Islands
 Sea lions basking on a red-volcanic-sand beach, Rabida Island,  Galapagos Islands
 Lava fields, Santiago Island,  Galapagos Islands
Two differently-colored lava flows, Santiago Island,  Galapagos Islands
 Rano Rarako quarry.  Volcanic rock quarry from which Easter Island statues were carved.
Scattered remains of a vanished society, Tongariki, Easter Island.

Red volcanic rock quarry from which topknots were carved, Puna pau, Easter Island

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  1. SO jealous!! What an amazing experience this must have been.